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Update News

Neocell Fighters 4.0 new update now available on Appstore.
New game design with new graphics
New background music added
New boss design and new enemies
New background graphics
Game score system changed
Missile targetting system changed

Neocell Fighters 3.0 new update Neocell Fighters Evolution now available on Appstore. It's almost new game update
New game design with new graphics, Archive system with OpenFeint. Simple New easy control.

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Welcome to Neocell Fighters base

Welcome to neocell fighters homepage, When I was young I have played a lot of scrolling shoot games like xevious ASO snap fighters Darwin 4078 twin-cobra with greate fun. I was really appreciated. thank you for all developer of that games.
When I was playing those games I always thought ,"Someday I will make my own scrolling shoot game like this" , And At last I just made my own scrolling shoot-game for iPhone/iPod touch game ! , For my greate fun-play memory I embeded some kind of homage to those games may be you can figure out or not.

User's Review of Neocell fighters (old version)

Here is user's review thankyou very much
toucharcade's Patterson review Quick Look at 2D-Shooter "Neocell Fighters"
Clud D'z review(Japanese) ̫?ƫ󫰪ުުު


Neocell Fighters is vertical scrolling shooting game(shoot'em up)it also scrolling sides like twin cobra or raiden thing
Neocell Fighters Evolution version (3.0) has 7 stage 7 boss , circular stage system.
3D rendered enemy unit and Unique 7 boss graphics
Easy touch control , autoshoot even autobomb
different powerup weapon
Start stage selectable
Openfeint Achievement system


Move and Shoot: Touch location or swipe to the location. it's very simple you will see.


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