JJAR , Just Jump And Roll jump game for iPhone and iPod touch by EuiBeom Hwang 2008


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone 2.0 Software update

Application Description

It is Just simple jump action game by tab and accelerometer, you can jump by tab and roll by tilt.
Your goal is to reach finish line.
No lives concept but checkpoint concept , just forwarding.
Jump on the fancy graphics with imaginary concepts
Use velocity for high jump
If you are weak for jumping don't worry. helper ufo gives you infinite jump ability.
Get UFO gage to summon UFO by crushing candy

Just Jump And Roll now available on appstore 0.9$ Get it Now

How to Play

Jump - by Tapping
Move - by Tilt
Candy and Fish - if you crush this items , ufo gage increased.
UFO - if you crush ufo by jump , the double jump mode enables and you can jump and jump within 20 sec.

Screen Shot

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Copyright 2008 by EuiBeom Hwang