FreshWater Aquarium for iPhone and iPod touch by EuiBeom Hwang 2008


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone 2.2 Software update

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Update information

1.09 update information
sound mute option added.(option-sound , this option changes will take effect after restart app)

Get it now, available on appstore

youtube 1.09 sound on/off play movie

1.08 update information
it's performance patch , low system memory usage in loadingtime
fish moving changed more naturally

youtube 1.08 play movie

My other game "Neocell Fighters" released on appstore

1.07 update information

** this version requires iphone / ipod touch 2.2 os update **
** new mode , fishing mode added - in this mode you can fishing , of cause your caught fish will be adde in your tank
** info menu interface changed , graphical size bar displayed , next button added
** two more fish tank now available , now you can manage three fish tanks !

1.07 fishing mode play movie

1.06 update features
fix money stuck problem by fish now breeding
new background "winter" added

1.06 play movie

1.05 features
1. three more new fishes
red rainbow fish
brook silverside
golden panchax

2. new ornaments

cristmas tree(is default onaments , you can immediately setup this one)
london bridge
osaca castle
... three more ornaments will be added in the shop
3. shop menu interface change

4. setup menu interface change
5. bug fix
1.04 bug : bionominal name doesn't match it's only 1.04 bug

** version 1.03 minor updates.

version 1.03 playmovie.

now setup menu added.

new bubble menu added.
in this mode ,you can make bubbles by finger move!
"touch and move" makes a letter or something
now you can choose another background "rocky"

one decoration "wreck" added.
now you can on/off bubbles.
thankyou for all your opinions. update will be continue

new optional background for 1.03

1. How to get more fish?
you can feed fish , and then fish will grow bigger and value is higer then sell and buy.
you can put 35 fish in tank
2. How to get new fishslot?
you can change fishslot by touch menu and moving right or left same as iphone main icon move.
holding touch and move as same as you scroll tank
3. I can't sell fish sometimes(this bug fixed in v1.03)
it's known bug , if shop slot is in 2 page, sometimes can't sell fish
move shop slot page 1, you can sell fish.
Known Issue cool graphics but animation is poor!. yes I thought so also. because of this game 2D based game.
for the smooth animation it need a lot of picture frame for each fish. It need a lot of time. but it will be fixed.

Update inforamtion

version 1.02 minor updates.

minor change but effective
background graphics changed.

fishshop fishslot added
one fish(three spine stickleback) added.
next update will be soon with fishes..

version 1.01 minor updates.
it's minor update.
Now sound added.
Now same fish number displayed when you buy or sell
Bubble graphics changed.
Fish moves more slowly

Application Description

Get your own freshwater aquarium !
16 species available like neon tetra, tiger barb (a famous freshwater fish) even bluegill

All fish graphics is realistic artwork.

Just watch is fun, but more you can also feed them.
Make your fish big by feeding.
Get new fish from fish shop menu.
Autoload and autosave system.


All menu toggles by touch, if you touch once enables menu and touch again or other menu disables that menu.
Normal Mode and Food Mode can scroll aquarium by touch and move

if you want more information just see play-movie

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Copyright 2008 by EuiBeom Hwang