FreshWater Aquarium Apps for Mobile Phone by EuiBeom Hwang 2008~2018


no ad, no in-app-purchase , no personal information collect. no network connection need.

Freshwater Aquarium is a cute app that replicates an aquarium with fish on your phone - mobiriot -

There have been a number of aquarium apps on the iTunes App Store but none have been more extensive than FreshWater Aquarium - IGN Gear Team

Something fishy has found its way to the small screen. This application turns your Phone into a freshwater heaven for 19 species of fish. .. - gears

Freshwater Aquarium is a cute aquarium simulator. 19 fish species available on current version. You can feed , breed , interact with them. You can manage three tanks. and mini fishing game.


iOS : iOS6.1 or later

Android : 4.3 or later

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How to fishing

1.07 fishing mode play movie

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